Switchboard Mats

Our insulated PVC matting is formulated to provide insulation to workers from being grounded thus preventing electric shock. These switchboard mats also provide cushioning to the worker. Ideal for use in front of electrical fuse boxes, transformers and high voltage boxes.

Diamond & Ridged Switchboard Matting

This switchboard runner matting is available in a ridged or diamond (checkerplate) style surface pattern. Available in 2', 3' & 4' lengths and with or without colored borders (3' width only - diamond in yellow, ridged in yellow or blue). Testing is done in conformance with ANSI/ASTM D-178 specifications.

  • Type 2 compound: vinyl (polyvinyl chloride)
  • Class 2 Di-electric strength of 30,000 volts
  • Proof test of 20,000 volts
  • Recommended maximum usage of 17,000 volts
  • Available with color borders (3' width only)